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I am blessed to be a part of a company that is changing peoples lives everyday. It is a blessing to work with so many great people around the world. One of my many goals in life is to help as many people discover their purpose in life and help them live the live they truly desire. If you are the type of person who knows that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing then connect with me. Call me at any time, I would love to get to know more about you and your dreams and goals you want to accomplish. The name of my company is Global Empoerment Alliance. My Misssion is to Empower Individuals and business with the tools and knowledge to help them reach their full potential. The My Video Talk Opportunity is one of the tools I use and have equipped others with to reach financial freedom and stability in business. Click here to find out more about My Video Talk. OR be one of the first to find out about our sister division T.E.N. Team Effort Network  You can view the compensation plan that helping many people just like you to earn a full time income on a part time basis working from home.

MyVideoTalk is a powerful opportunity to start your own global internet business right from the comfort of your home or office, marketing the latest internet communication technologies. Our compensation plan is designed so that you can earn career level income, our products are state-of-the-art – we’re the first to market with the technology everybody needs. That translates to huge opportunity for you. The right place at the right time with the right company. MyVideoTalk – it starts now!

Our Global Rewards Commission Plan is a simple way for anyone to come in and make money immediately. No matter what your experience is. I will teach you how to get one on the left and one on the right. And you are qualified for all of the 10 different ways we earn income. You can receive generous financial rewards in the form of commissions and bonuses affiliated with helping to expand the MyVideoTalk customer base! You’ll earn immediate and on-going commissions simply for referring new business. We have the systems in place already, your own turn-key business where you can begin earning immediately.

Work With John Peavy

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